Career at Zabtransterminal

«Zabtransterminal» We offer storage business challenges on a scale few companies can match. Here, you’ll work on global tank storage projects as build a career that could range from storage management and finance to business operations and human resources. Join us to make a difference for yourself, for our customers and for the world. Whether you are pursuing an international career or looking to realize your career goals on a local level, Zabtransterminal offers you many prospects in an exciting in storage industry.

Career Training

We offer different training programs in collaboration with our parent company administrators have a talent for organization and are involved in general administration, operational accounting, bookkeeping, payroll accounting or house management. Harbor logistics specialists are in charge of the turnover of goods and merchandise at the harbor.

Human Resources Work

Given our company’s strong growth in recent years, forward-looking, active human resources (HR) work plays an important role.
The overarching goal of the HR Department is to partner with the operating companies as well as the departments of our holding company to deliver efficient solutions that give our employees the framework for best contributing to the success of the company. Roles and responsibilities are divided between the regional and the three central HR teams.

Equal Opportunity

We see diversity as a key to success storage, both in our lines of storage business and among our employees. We aim to further increase diversity within our company by employing both male and female employees from many different cultures. All employees can anonymously report cases of discrimination, harassment or other violations of the Code of Conduct to the central Code of Conduct Team.