About Us

«Zabtransterminal » is a fast-growing independent provider of energy tank storage company with value capacity. for  managing of the Holding’s tank farm assets effectively.

We currently offer 7.5 million m3 of combined storage capacity across Russia federation, Rotterdam and Houston terminal port, which will rise to over 9 million m3 in the near future as new projects come on line. Having benefitted from strong relationships with our shareholders, Zabtransterminal continues to grow as an independent global terminal operator. And operat shipping transportation of Sea and River Transport of Russian Federation to carry out its activity either on Russian inland waterways or at sea and river ports.

The main activities of «Zabtransterminal » include:

 Vessel bunkering with oil products:

  • Oil and gas storage in’ variouse terminal

 Quality services for oil products tank farm storage:

  • Transshipment of oil and gas products;
  • Oil products vessel transportation by sea
  • Oil products transshipment at the variouse Port terminal;

  • Providing services for operation of tank storage and bunker vessels.

    High quality of oil products tank storage, we guaranteed by our partners - major Russian oil tank farm company and the tough quality control system at «Zabtransterminal ». The company’s bunkering fleet comprises more than 9 ships.

    The company’s divisions are members of the Association of Russian Marine and River Bunker Suppliers and tank storage activities. The divisions are also listed in the Register of tank farm storage and bunkering companies of the Interdepartmental Commission on oil products.



    The mission of «Zabtransterminal » is to become a leader on the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg’s bunker market in oil products sales using its own fleet. We were created with a vision for long-term business growth and increasing our Company’s profitability.


    Our values


    «Zabtransterminal » seeks to be the industry leader in applied technologies, growth and business performance. We want to lead the way in quality and variety of oil products tank storage. These values are inspired by the Zabtransterminal vision of which all peoples attain the highest possible level of storage, and serve the vulnerable, with measurable impact for people at country level. We are individually and collectively committed to put these values into practice.


    We have the best trained specialists of the tank storage and bunker market. We believe the professionalism of our personnel is the key factor to our Company’s continued leadership in the tank storage and bunkering business.

    Effective Management

    «Zabtransterminal» strives for effective storage business management.