Shareholder information

Zabtransterminal follows an open information policy towards investors and other parties interested in the financial status of the company.

The purpose is to inform these stakeholders as fully and as early as possible about Zabtransterminal’s policies and changes within the company. We refer to the IR policy regarding bilateral contacts with shareholders.

Dividend Policy

Zabtransterminal’s dividend policy targets to pay an annual stable to rising cash dividend in balance with a management view on a payout ratio range of 25-75% of the net profit excluding exceptional items attributable to holders of ordinary shares and subject to market circumstances. The net profit excluding exceptional items that form the basis for dividends to be declared may be adjusted for instance for the financial effects of one-off events, changes in accounting policies, acquisitions, and divestments.


Zabtransterminal has various sets of rules in place governing the performance of its various bodies and ensuring implementation of the rules applicable within Zabtransterminal. These rules have been amended in line with the Corporate Governance Code, recent legislative amendments and decisions made by the Supervisory Board from time to time.

Invitation to investor presentation

Zabtransterminal has the pleasure of inviting investors, analysts, media and other stakeholders to attend an online investor presentation followed by a Q&A session on Tuesday June 9 from 09:00-10:30 CET. The live investor presentation will be available at Zabtransterminal. This online investor presentation replaces our annual Capital Markets Day due to COVID-19.